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6 Things you didn't know you could do with a U Account

9 Jan 2018

Are you making the most of your U Account? Probably not. See how many of these money-saving tips and tricks you knew about.

Budgeting 365 – Be ready

1 Jan 2018

Budgeting 365 is a nifty tool to help you set aside tiny amounts of cash each day, all year long. Be ready for those big expenses, with Budgeting 365.

New year, new U card?

13 Dec 2017

Have a sneak peek at our brand new card! Notice anything different?

Ffrees vs. U Account – What are the benefits?

8 Dec 2017

U is an evolution of Ffrees. So what does a U Account offer that a Ffrees account can't?

New year, new market structure

13 Dec 2017

20–25% of the population need never touch a bank again – here's why.

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