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The wait is over – PayPoint has landed

1 Dec 2017

How to put cash in your U Account, 7 days a week.

App update: Check your PIN & lock your card

8 Mar 2018

Do more, with Balance+ version 1.4!

It's a whole new banking war

15 Mar 2018

With rumours of Amazon entering the banking arena, how will this affect the bank-fintech relationship? Are the rules of the game about to change?

Easy ways to budget money – 365 Budgeting & Overdraft Buffer

27 Feb 2018

Our two super Extra Accounts automatically set aside small amounts of money for you, to take the hassle out of budgeting.

Cashback rewards: What's the point?

13 Feb 2018

U Points could be earning you £££ in cashback. Get rewarded for being U.

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