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When is Black Friday 2017 in the UK? (And our guide to surviving it!)

9 Nov 2017

Its name comes from the colour of ink shopkeepers marked their takings in – not red for losses, black for profits – but Black Friday has earned a bad…

Happy birthday to U

9 Oct 2017

This month, U Account is celebrating its very first birthday! Precisely 12 months ago we set off on an extraordinary journey together...

App update: Balance+ just got even better

5 Oct 2017

Our team have been working away behind the scenes to bring you the latest version of our app (Balance+), which you can GET YOUR HANDS ON RIGHT NOW…

Why the banking model could break the UK economy – Part 2

1 Aug 2017

In Part One I wrote about the problem with the UK banking model and why it undermines the UK economy. Here in Part Two, I try to recommend what can be…

Why the banking model could break the UK economy – Part 1

25 Jul 2017

A recent speech by a director of the Bank of England, Alex Brazier, warned against a new credit bubble. These kinds of warnings are issued and then…

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