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Things you can do in 90 seconds – The time it takes to open a U Account

12 Jan 2018

Did you know that with no credit checks, you can open a U Account in as little as 90 secs? Could this be the best way to spend 1.5 mins of your life?

A techy blog, for techy people

10 Jan 2018

Are you just crazy for cross-browser testing? Do you dream about design? Perhaps you have a love of linting?

Fintech as a force for good

22 Feb 2018

How are people in fintech actively playing a role in democratising society and improving people's lives?

Don't pay the earth this Valentine's Day. Make it move.

1 Feb 2018

Think a budget-friendly Valentine’s Day can’t be romantic? Think again. Here’s everything you need to break hearts without breaking the bank.

Open season on Open Banking

18 Jan 2018

The Unbanker talks about the incoherent media narrative surrounding Open Banking, and why it's dangerous for this 'important and radical' opportunity.

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