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Open season on Open Banking

18 Jan 2018

The Unbanker talks about the incoherent media narrative surrounding Open Banking, and why it's dangerous for this 'important and radical' opportunity.

Budgeting 365 – Be ready

1 Jan 2018

Budgeting 365 is a nifty tool to help you set aside tiny amounts of cash each day, all year long. Be ready for those big expenses, with Budgeting 365.

New year, new U card?

13 Dec 2017

Have a sneak peek at our brand new card! Notice anything different?

Ffrees vs. U Account – What are the benefits?

8 Dec 2017

U is an evolution of Ffrees. So what does a U Account offer that a Ffrees account can't?

New year, new market structure

13 Dec 2017

20–25% of the population need never touch a bank again – here's why.

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