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A Bitcoin debit card?

29 Nov 2017

"Have U thought about doing a Bitcoin debit card?" U Account's CEO, Alex, talks about the possibility of a Bitcoin debit card for U Account customers.

When is Black Friday 2017 in the UK? (And our guide to surviving it!)

9 Nov 2017

Its name comes from the colour of ink shopkeepers marked their takings in – not red for losses, black for profits – but Black Friday has earned a bad…

Open letter to Andrew Bailey, FCA

25 Oct 2017

Chief Unbanking Officer, Alex Letts, writes to the FCA about the high cost of credit, suggesting that one contributor to the problem has been ignored.

Happy birthday to U

9 Oct 2017

This month, U Account is celebrating its very first birthday! Precisely 12 months ago we set off on an extraordinary journey together...

App update: Balance+ just got even better

5 Oct 2017

Our team has been working away behind the scenes to bring you the latest version of our app (Balance+), which you can GET YOUR HANDS ON RIGHT NOW!

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