Things you can do in 90 seconds – The time it takes to open a U Account

12 Jan 2018

Did you know you can open a U Account in as little as 90 seconds? It’s super-fast: there’s no credit check required, so filling in the application form takes as little as a minute and a half.

Is this the best possible way to spend 90 seconds of your life? Well, there’s some stiff competition, but we think it’s right up there. Here’re 10 other pretty sweet things you can do in 90 seconds – judge for yourself...

1. Sing a national anthem

Get patriotic in under 90 seconds: God Save the Queen is performed in a mere 45 ticks, meaning you’d have time to give it a second run-through or even show off by giving the second and third verses some rare airtime.

GStQ isn’t the shortest one going, though: the Ugandan national anthem is a minuscule eight bars of music, clocking in at around 20 seconds. Efficient.

2. Change your clothes

You don’t have to be Superman to do a rapid switch of your kit. A supermodel can change outfits, swap accessories, and rearrange their hair in just over a minute, and then get back out there on the catwalk.

3. Clean your teeth

Those teeth can never be too clean. They’re the only ones you’ve got. Start the clock next time you give your pearly whites a good brush and see for yourself how long it takes.

4. Listen to the Beatles

Savouring the music of one of the greatest bands of all time in a little over a minute? Sounds good to me. Golden Slumbers, a track from the legendary album Abbey Road, clocks in at 1:30.

5. Tidy your desk

Come on, you know it needs doing. How long has that mug been there?

6. Win an Olympic medal

Okay, so perhaps the barrier to entry on this one is a little high. But let’s just imagine for a second that you’re a world-class athlete, competing in the Olympic Games. The male World Record for 400m is 43 seconds, but you could also have a couple of attempts at the pole vault, throw a few discus, or blitz the 100m freestyle in the pool. If you’re a sprinter then you could bag the 100m gold, get your breath back and still have time for a quick rendition of the Ugandan national anthem.

7. Learn a magic trick

Magic tricks are all about speed and misdirection – make your audience look at one hand while you do something funky with the other. Here’s a whole bunch of super-slick magic tricks that you can learn and practise in just a few seconds – take your pick!

8. Pitch a movie

Pitching a movie idea to Hollywood is notoriously difficult, with most production companies giving you two minutes tops to convince them that your story about killer alien dolphin-men is worth their time and million-dollar budget.

9. Watch the news

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, but the BBC generously condense the most important bits into a 60-second blast of hot daily global content.

10. Take a selfie

When was the last time you took a selfie? …Ten minutes ago? Oh, well, I’m sure you’re due for another. Give yourself a full 90 seconds to choose that perfect Snapchat filter.

Or… you could apply for your U Account now. Your call. Those magic tricks are pretty cool, after all. Either way, we know it’ll be a great way for you to spend your next 90 seconds.

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Ben M

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