Cashback rewards: What's the point?

13 Feb 2018

With U Points, you earn back up to 7.5% of your spend whenever you shop or eat at any of our many high-street retail partners. It might not seem like much, but if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves – and the same goes for U Points. When all that cashback is swept up into a separate account for you, it really does add up.

How much could I be earning?

Imagine the scene: it’s Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining, you’ve just been paid and you’ve gone into town to finally tick some things off your to-do list. You’ve managed to drag your best mate along for moral support (I don’t mean your contactless U card, but yeah you’ve got that too) – and maybe a quick pint later on.

By some stroke of magic, you’ve already got Mother’s Day in the bag and found a birthday present for your sister and ancient auntie Maud in the H. Samuel sale (£65.55 for all three), treated yourself to a very handsome pair of shoes in New Look (£19.99), and stopped at Mamas & Papas for a few "essentials" for the kids (£39.99), so you duck into Pizza Express for a rest – unlimited-buffet style. You pay on your card (£21.75) making a mental note to make sure your pal pays you back.

In the time it takes you to get to the pub you realise that in just one, ordinary day, you’ll have earned over £10 in cashback.

That pint tastes a little sweeter now, doesn’t it?

How do U Points work?

Whenever you pay on your U card (online or in-store) at any of our partner shops or restaurants, you earn U Points that are automatically added to your balance. The rate depends on the retailer, but you’ll earn somewhere between 3–7.5% on every purchase that you make.

As soon as the retailer confirms your purchase, we convert this balance into cash for you and pop it into a free ‘Points’ Extra Account. Whether you decide to leave it in there for a rainy day or take it out and spend it right away, that’s entirely up to you.

There’s no limit to how much cashback you can earn, and you’ll collect U Points every time you spend using your U card, even if there’s a sale on or you’re using a voucher code. You could be earning hundreds of pounds, every year.

Where can I earn cashback points?

For a full list of all our retail partners and their cashback rates, check out this page (our rewards programme is so exclusive you’ll need to log in or create a U Account to see it).

Happy spending!

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